About Crown Construction Group, example of a home built by us

We are a construction group based in the Midlands, revolutionising the way that homes in the UK are being built. With over 30 years in the trade, we give you the opportunity to buy properties from blueprint drawings at highly competitive prices.

We offer a number of different services, including building homes and garden offices and outhouses. They vary from studio apartments to four-bedroom detached houses and all have a guarantee to be completed within eight weeks.

All of our buildings are A-rated in energy efficiency, which means you’ll save money due to reduced heating bills during winter months. We also work to meet today’s stringent health and safety conditions and are proud to say that every single project we’ve completed has been signed off with flying colours.

We believe that your home should be just that, which is why you can choose your own personal specifications and add your own finishing touches. If you want a different tap for your basin, consider it done.


Who we are

Our properties are built using the finest materials and most up-to-date methods, making your home modern, unique, robust and affordable. There are four main steps to putting together your dream.

1. Foundations
During this stage, we lay the foundations for your home. This includes laying all pipe work and putting down the concrete base.

2. Installation of rooms
This includes the fitting of windows and installation of kitchen, bathrooms and WC. Electrics will also be wired and tested.

3. Structure erected
Pre-fabricated insulated walls are put in place on the foundations. During this stage we also fit your roof, all internal walls and install the staircase.

4. Quality Control
We undertake quality checks and make sure our build is rated A for energy efficiency, watertight, safe and to a high standard of craftsmanship.


Here at Crown Construction Group, we pride ourselves on our impeccable standards of craftsmanship and material supplied. We want you to move into your newly-built home and be amazed by its beauty.

We take regulations seriously and health and safety is one of our biggest concerns – this is why we are proud to have an above average rating from the British Building Authority on every single property we have built.

It takes us longer to inspect your home than it does to build it, so you have total piece of mind when collecting the keys.


  • Professionalism and expertise at an affordable price
  • An efficient, energy A rated home
  • Watertight certificate from regulator
  • Designed and tested to Local Authority Building Control standards
  • Impeccable craftsmanship using only the best materials
  • Only UK contractor to import German spruce wood
  • 30-year timber guarantee
  • 20-year build guarantee
  • A unique, personalised home with specifications you have chosen
  • Blueprint to moving in within eight weeks
  • No hidden costs and no shortcuts taken
  • A build schedule to suit your calendar

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