Building Specifications


Crown Construction uses the following components for all their new home build and garden homes.


Rockwool InsulationROCKWOOL Internal and external wall insulation provides thermal, sound and fire protection for all building types. ROCKWOOL provide solutions to deliver thermal performance for many types of external wall including masonry cavity, timber frame, metal frame, rainscreen and external facades. ROCKWOOL also offer products to protect against sound and fire for internal and separating walls, whether they be masonry, timber or metal frame.



Everything you would expect from a cement board and more.
For less.

Fermacell backer board is the new moisture resistant backer board you can tile, paint or wallpaper directly onto, plus it comes in handy sized 1200mm x 800mm x 12.5mm sheets.

Like most fermacell products fermacell backer board for tiles is made from gypsum and paper fibres. Unlike conventional plasterboards, it’s a material that combines all-round strength, moisture resistance and durability at a remarkably affordable price.

Perfect for use in bathrooms, kitchens or other moisture affected areas including basements and garages, only fermacell backer board for tiles offers all this at a far lower price than ordinary cement tile backer boards.



Cellulose fibres are added into the gypsum mix creating a very strong board. With up to 50kg per cavity fixing of load hanging strength, radiators and cupboards can be fixed directly onto the board. No additional support required.



Where platerboard could crumble under the pressure, fermacell backer board for tiles has all the moisture resistance you need under tiling without the expense of a cement based board. Able to withstand up to 80% constant humidity, it will stay strong in even the most demanding kitchen or bathroom.

fermacell backer board v cement board v plasterboard at a glance

fermacell backer board for tiles costs a fraction of the price you pay for a cement tile backing board. Plus, it doesn’t only match the performance of a cement board, it beats it, hands down. Plasterboard can’t stand comparison either. Here’s proof.

  Fermacell Backer Board Cement Backer PlastebBoard
Mould and moisture resistant
Fire resistant
Impact resistant
Noise resistant
Hanging strength up to 50kg
Dot and dab with mechanical fixings
Easy to cut
No need to prime before tiling*
Available in sizes up to 1200mm x 2400mm
Can be painted or papered directly on to
Price £££ ££ £
*Refer to the adhesive manufacturers instruction      



Unlike some cement based boards that expose the user to harmful silica dust when cutting, with fermacell backer board for tiles there is no health risk from the dust, as it’s completely non-hazardous. Plus it’s made from recycled materials – so it’s kind to the environment too.

Of course, good working practice must be observed, which includes attaching a dust extractor to the circular saw and wearing an appropriate dust mask when cutting fermacell backer board.



Our carcassing timber is produced out of Scandinavian Whitewood Spruce (Picea Abies) and is harvest from well managed Forests which conform to the highest environmental standards. The cold Swedish climate and subsequent slow growing of the trees means the spruce can grow for 120 years before harvesting. This slow growth produces tight growth rings which is what gives our carcassing a superior stability and premium finish. Once the logs are harvested they are quality graded, regularised and put through a kilning process to gradually dry the timber which can last up to ten days. The timber is then machined in the most advanced sawmill in Sweden where the timber is packaged and shipped to our UK Port facility. Treated carcassing undergoes a preservative process of drying, treating and drying again. Our timber is treated with Osmose Naturewood to use class UC2 in line with BS8417. All 47mm & 75mm x 100mm and wider products are graded to a superior C24 standard so can be used for stud walls, Joists for roofs and floors and all structural and general joinery applications.



For our home builds, we have developed a building method that is able to further insulate your new home. A special membrane sheet is wrapped around the ROCKWOOL insulation creating an air tight seal to your property. This dramatically enhances the insulation properties of the house and further reduces the sound entering the property.

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